Guest Post Guidelines

1. All content must be original. It may be on a topic that you’ve written about on your own web site or in classes, but it must reworked and edited so it reads as original content. All submitted articles will be run through a duplicate content checker, so please follow this rule.

2. Content needs to be at least 1,000-2,000 words, and must provide actionable content.

It must be:

​--Educational. Your goal is to help others through your writing.

--Include current examples and/or data

--Readers should be able to immediately execute on the topic and have few questions left about how to do that

It should not:

--Be overly promotional

--Be offensive or Inaccurate

--Be critical of other tactics, individuals, or companies (Positivity helps you live longer!)

3. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors!!!

4. Linking is allowed within the article, and in your bio. However, spam links are NOT allowed. If the link does not benefit my readers, it will be removed. My readers are small business owners and solo experts who are looking for more visibility and growth in their business. Examples of good links: your own business-related web site or content related to the article you’re writing about. Bad links: your Beachbody shakeology links or other services not related to the topic you’re writing about. Also, no affiliate links.

5. You may, and are encouraged to, submit original graphics, for the blog post (800px) and graphics sized for various social networks. (No stolen images! Photos that are in the public domain, with no Creative Commons restrictions must be labeled as such. Otherwise, proper attribution and credit must be included. You are legally responsible for adherence to these guidelines.)

6. Submit posts, preferably in Google Docs, but Microsoft Word is an acceptable alternative.

7. Include a short Author Bio (50 worlds), and headshot. You may include a maximum of one link within the bio. I’ll introduce your blog post, and include a link to your web site, so free free to use another link to another blog post, a social media link, a landing page, etc. in your bio.

8. Submitting a guest post does not guarantee it will be published (be sure to read and follow these guidelines!)

9. If it is published, you’ll be required to promote your guest post to your tribe, via email, social networks, etc.

10. As the content on is all original content, you will not be allowed to republish your guest post to your own blog, or to LinkedIn, Medium, or other republishing venues. You CAN however, share your article like crazy by sharing links to your post in your emails/social media, or other blog posts or videos!

11. Submit posts to with the subject line: Guest Post Submission​

12. I’ll let you know when your blog post will be published. If you don’t hear back within 1 week of submitting it, please follow up!

13. reserves the right to edit and/or update your guest blog post as is fitting, for future accuracy.

14. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.​