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Melanie Downey Bios

Title:  Brand PR Coach and Strategist

Radio/Speaking Intro:

Melanie Downey is the award-winning Brand PR Coach that entrepreneurs and experts turn to when they want to catapult their success. She's best known for her insight into what makes a 'brand' real news, and developing the messaging that gets attention, and gets results.  Time magazine referred to one of her brand campaigns as 'brilliant', and her blog was recently named to Feedspot's Top 100 Small Business Blogs. 

Short Bio:

Brand Strategist and Publicity Coach Melanie Downey teaches small business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs how to catapult their brands into the world. With a 20-year track record of taking clients from unknown, to being recognized as go-to experts and household names, she and her clients have been featured in thousands of print, television, and radio stories, and countless online articles, with well over $10 billion in free publicity, 

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​Long Bio:

Melanie Downey is the owner of Melanie Downey Brand PR, and creator of The Publicity Workshop.  She’ll teach you how to develop your brand to realize its full potential and how to use your expertise and passion to grow your business and become known as a thought leader in your field. (Even if you have no previous marketing knowledge or experience). In a nutshell, she helps small business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs catapult their brands into the world.

She has a 20 year proven track record for getting clients recognized as leaders and go-to experts, with well over $10 billion of free publicity under her belt. Her blog was chosen for Feedspot's Top 100 Small Business Blogs in 2017, and her work has been featured in countless newspaper, magazine, TV, and radio stories, all over the web, and a few books, too.  She has been quoted in media outlets including the New York Times, PR Week, USA Today, Adweek, Advertising Age, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, The Boston Globe, on NBC news, and more, as an expert on Public Relations, Marketing, Small Businesses, Careers, and skincare (see below), and is a contributing writer for CrowdInk and Thrive Global.

Before starting her own small business consultancy, Melanie was best known for her work at Monster, where she started and ran the public relations and B2B marketing departments and helped it to become one of the Top 20 most visited web sites in the world. After taking some time off to stay home with her children, she founded Wilava, an internationally-recognized handmade skincare company that was named one of the Top Innovative Skincare Companies in 2011 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and her products made multiple Top 10 Must-Have lists.

Running Wilava, she became well-versed in the trials of small business operations.   Melanie did Wilava's PR and Branding on days when her children were home sick. She would grab her laptop and sit with them on the couch, and do a few hours of PR work here and there.  She, and Wilava products, were featured in the New York Times, lots of local and regional newspapers, in magazine spreads, a few books, and in thousands of online articles.  

Despite Wilava’s success – it was profitable in its first quarter -- she missed full-time brand development and public relations, and decided to focus her efforts helping other small businesses and experts build their brands and level the playing field with larger companies (with large staffs and large budgets). She now works as a PR and Brand Consultant and Coach and teaches experts and small business owners -- most with no marketing background -- how to catapult their brands with public relations. 

Melanie has been honored with the John Massaro Award for Excellence in Journalism, holds a M.S. in Applied Communications, and has published research on the development of self-esteem through work. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of My CARE (Community, Arts, Research and Education) Initiative, and was chosen to judge the 2017 Stevie Awards, Women in Business category.  Over the years, she’s volunteered with many educational and other community groups, including terms on both the Fitchburg State University Graduate School Council and the Northwest Elementary School Council, Mass Local Foods, the Leominster Public Library, coached Robotics teams for elementary school students, and has enjoyed working as a volunteer tutor for nontraditional GED students. 

Melanie has been building big brands with public relations for over 20 years, and it’s still her favorite way to spend her free time… that, and singing slightly off-key ballads to her hairless dog, Penny.

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