Do you ever see someone being interviewed on TV or profiled in a magazine and think,

"That should be me!"

Well, it CAN, and SHOULD be YOU!

Are you ready to enjoy the credibility and status that only comes with being featured in the press?

Because When the Media Speaks, Everyone Listens.​​​​​

The great news is that journalists are looking for people just like YOU -- entrepreneurs, authors, small business owners, and solo experts.  Today, media opportunities are endless. You just  have to know where to go, what to say, and when and how to say it.

And the result?

More credibility, recognition, authority, and brand awareness, which translates to:

  • check
    More Traffic
  • check
    More Leads
  • check
    More Customers
  • check
    New Opportunities
  • check
    More Sales
  • check
    and More Money

And because the cost of doing your own PR is so low (in most cases, it's free - just your time), there is no other form of marketing that has a greater return on your investment.

It works like this:

Publicity pre-sells your audience. Not only does it get you in front of a new audience, but because you’re instantly positioned as credible and an expert, people will seek YOU out, ready to buy your products and services, because they already believe in you, and in your brand.

Can you do your own PR?  Yup! And thousands of experts, authors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners get themselves great publicity every day. You don’t need an expensive PR agency or publicist, or even me to do it for you, as long as you can follow simple guidelines and you're ready to make it happen, you can get great press.

The simple key is to TAKE ACTION.

Reporters need YOU. They’re busy! The media has become a 24/7 business, and they have content and air time to fill. They're looking for experts in every field – someone just like you – to help build their stories.

If you follow the steps and guidelines you’ll learn in the Publicity Workshop, you will get publicity and raise the profile of your brand. 

I’ve been doing PR, and teaching others how to do it, for over 20 years, and I can tell you that all it requires is knowing a few rules and how to come up with ideas that reporters will love. You’ll learn how to do these things in The Publicity Workshop.

Learning and applying these PR Skills will transform your business.

The marketing industry, and the tactics, techniques, and technology people use to get their brand out there, are changing at the fastest pace ever. But PR, and storytelling, haven’t changed that much. That means that the skills you’ll learn in this workshop are lifelong skills. You’ll be able to use them indefinitely, and not just to get publicity.

These concepts are fundamental and spill over into everything you’ll do in your business.

They’ll beef up your copy, your planning, developing new products, and of course, your social media, blogging, videos, webinars, marketing, and the emails you send. They’ll help you build better relationships with your clients, too.  You'll know what to write about, what to talk about on social media, how to find the pain points for your advertising, how to develop relationships with influencers, conference organizers, and potential partners. 

But, Where do I Start?

​I get that question a lot. When it comes to getting publicity and being recognized as a leader in your field, most people don't know where to start.

They ask questions like these:

"How do I know when I'm ready?  How do I come up with story ideas?  Who do you pitch?  What should I say?  When should I contact them?  What should I do if they don't respond?  How do I prepare for interviews?  What should I do after I get the publicity?

In The Publicity Workshop you'll learn the answers to all of those questions, and much more.  You'll know how journalists think, how to recognize your own news value, and how to get noticed by the press to land free publicity, so you can catapult your greatness into the world.  

No marketing or PR background needed.

It's a Complete Publicity Training Workshop

The Publicity Workshop Group Coaching program* is a 6-month program that consists of 8 (2-week) modules, each broken down into smaller video* lessons, with worksheets/templates/checklists and cheatsheets.  There are bi-weekly, live, group coaching calls and office hours, that run through the full 6 months, so you can keep asking questions and get clarifications, even after you've gone through all the lessons, as you continue pitching the press and getting interviews. *(There is an option for classes only (no group coaching), and a VIP option for 1-1 coaching)

Module 1: Market Research

This is the first step in developing any good PR plan, and it's simple to do. You'll learn simple hacks for finding exactly what you need to know to talk to your potential customers, develop strong stories, and generate lots of content that your target audience is going to love.

Cultivate your expert mindset

Module 2: Getting Ready

Cultivate your expert mindset, and discover why reporters need you. Here, you’ll set PR objectives, determine your target audience (it’s not always the obvious one), and start creating your PR templates.

how to get Publicity

Module 3: How to Think Like a Journalist

The easiest 'hack' to getting free publicity is to start thinking like a reporter. Here you'll learn how to discover your news angles reporters will love, uncover hidden ideas and topics from within your brand, the most effective publicity shortcuts, and most importantly, you'll uncover your own, personal value to the media. This is the module that helps make all of your other marketing decisions and efforts easier, more efficient, and more effective!  You'll also learn:

  • How to create your brand messages
  • What to speak about (and what not to say)
  • How to make yourself stand out from competitors
  • How to promote your expertise to make you a sought-out media magnet

Module 4: Get to Know the Press

A big part of getting publicity is knowing who to pitch. In this module, you'll create your press list, so when you're ready to pitch, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

  • How to know WHO to reach out to at the magazines, newspapers, podcasts, TV, radio, etc., and HOW to find their contact information
  • Free Resources and Easy Tips to help you create a great list
  • Discover why freelancers are hidden gems, and learn how to find them
Press kit

Module 5: Creating Your Press Kit

How to stay cool when reporters call? Be prepared! Learn what to include in your press kit, in the formats that reporters want, and how to use it to position yourself as an expert source.

how to get tv interviews

Module 6: Pitching 101

In this module, you'll be pitching the press.

  • You'll get my proven templates for pitching newspapers, magazines, radio/podcasts, and TV - they all want something different - and writing subject lines that get opened.
  • Learn how far in advance to pitch each media type, best times of the day/week/month to pitch, and how to beat their deadlines.
  • How to start and nurture relationships with reporters/editors/influencers (and event planners, potential partners, and more.)
  • Learn when it makes sense to write a press release or media advisory (and get templates for each).
  • What to do with failed pitches (HINT: they still have lots of life!)
 media interviews

Module 7: Doing Interviews

Create great soundbites that will grab your audience's attention. Learn how to prep for interviews, and what to do afterward to get invited back. You'll get separate checklists and tips for print, radio, and TV interviews. Then, put it all together in your own DIY media training sessions, because the best way to ace interviews is to practice!

how to create a PR plan

Module 8: Your PR Plan

Keep generating publicity all year long (and for years to come!) with a PR plan for your launches, promoting your services, and keeping your brand top-of-mind. You'll develop your editorial calendar, put a system into place, and learn strategies for getting the most out of your publicity and owned content (Video/blogs/articles) so it keeps getting results for you for years to come.

Why Learn From Me?

I've got a 20+ year proven track record for getting clients recognized as leaders and go-to experts - I had over 6 billion press impressions in one year alone - and my work has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows. The skills and techniques I'm teaching in this course are exactly what I've done over the years to land that press, and it's what I've taught new PR professionals that I've mentored (people with no background in PR or marketing), who've then gone on to lead great careers in PR or marketing. The great thing about getting publicity is that once you know the basics, it's pretty much a rinse and repeat sort of system.

I also had my own small business, Wilava (a handmade skincare company that I ran as a sole proprietor for a few years while my kids were younger), so I know the trials and tribulations of 'doing it all' yourself. I did my own PR for Wilava on days when my kids were home sick and on the couch. I would sit with them, with my laptop, and do a few hours of PR here and there. I, and my products, were featured in the New York Times, lots of local and regional newspapers, in magazine spreads, a few books, and in thousands of online stories.

A sampling of the media I've been quoted, featured, or profiled in:

What Students are Saying...


$250K in Sponsorships for my Nonprofit!

"Last year, I tried to learn as much as I could about PR and Marketing myself on the Internet, and sent out pitches, but I got no responses.

But now I've had three radio interviews about my nonprofit, that I started getting before the Publicity Workshop was even over, I've been invited back next month, and they're talking to me about doing a regular radio show -- my own show! I've also done 6 TV interviews, with 2 more coming up. Lots of print coverage, and now the local press even cover my events without me even having to ask them, since I've built relationships following Melanie's strategies.

The stuff she teaches in her class. IT. WORKS.

I also learned how to position myself as an expert source to national journalists, who have me on their 'rolodex' now. I never would have even thought this was at all possible less than a year ago. I should also mention that these results I'm getting, it hasn't even been 9 months since I started the class. Now I'm setting my sights for national TV -- I can see myself on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Ellen... I never would have had this confidence if it weren't for Melanie and The Publicity Workshop.

Melanie's Publicity Workshop basically changed my entire brand and media approach.

She taught us things that I had never even thought of, and things that I had heard of, but never really understood, started to make total sense. Essentially, it went in-depth about every kind of public relations aspect you could think of. From getting free media coverage to building a social media following and getting people to my events, this workshop had an impact on every kind of marketing I was doing. And got RESULTS! 

I applied what Melanie taught us, and not only did reporters tell me that they'd never seen such helpful and professional pitches and media advisories, but the results for my nonprofit were immediate and massive. I got three major sponsors for an expected $250k this year as a result of my publicity.  I increased attendance at my events by 5X, and increased my email list by 4X. And most importantly, it grew my confidence, and I became so comfortable talking about my brand and what I do in all kinds of situations. And as a result, I've been able to take My CARE Initiative from a part-time passion to a full-time career."


TV Coverage, a Deal, and a New Mission

"I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 58 years old.  I invented a board game when I was 60, called Keys to the Capitols, and I wrote a press release, but nothing happened. Melanie helped me to find the right news angle, and now I've been on TV and in some magazines talking about my story. I also signed a deal with a board game distributor, and my game will be in stores soon.

At first I was nervous about it, especially being on TV, but Melanie gave me good advice. Now I want to keep spreading my message that people with autism can be creative and successful in business.  Thank you Melanie for helping me share my message with the autism community and helping me with my small business."


From Struggling to Booked for 6 months

"Until the Publicity Workshop, I never once thought about reaching out to the press or media. I couldn't figure out how else to reach my target audience when all the things I tried didn't work. Nobody reached out for coaching or speaking engagements or consulting. I sold some books each month, and I’d been asked to blog on parent websites, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

I joined The Publicity Workshop to get publicity, but I got so much more out of it.  It taught me to think differently, and most importantly, Melanie taught me to believe in my message and not give up.

She made everything feel doable, even when my brain told me otherwise. By trusting Melanie's expertise and insights, I broke through barriers and limiting beliefs that I didn't think were possible prior to joining the class. I now believe (and know!) that if I follow Melanie's steps and advice and put the time in, I can get publicity and reach my target audience in new ways.

I've taken many other online classes, and the Publicity Workshop, was by far, the best. It was always evident how much Melanie cared about all her students succeeding, and she was there each step to help make it happen. She broke information (that seemed intimidating at first!) down and provided her experience, examples, and how-to templates in such a way (like magic, really!) that I was able to apply what she taught quickly.

I got publicity, and I also booked speaking engagements and a 6-month parent workshop, using the messaging techniques she taught me.  She said, “Say this, and then this will happen.” And it did!

If you’re on the fence about joining, my advice is Do it! Do it! Do it! You will not regret, for one moment, having Melanie on your team as your teacher, coach, and mentor."


You need this class! It's priceless!

"I’ve taken A LOT of classes, and what sets Melanie apart from others is that she actually cares that we understand what we’re doing, and we get results.

Melanie explains things in these bite-sized topics so they make sense. She explains them in a way so the mystery is gone, and they’re broken up into pieces so it’s do-able. And she doesn’t leave us hanging like they do in so many other programs.

She’s there to help us when we need help. And that’s big. It’s huge, actually.

Free publicity for your business is a no brainer, and this is the class that will take you through that, step by step, with support for you, when you get stuck.

And the thing is, Melanie is a pro. She’s not someone who’s just done this for a little bit and put together a little class. She is a f*ing serious pro that you’d have to pay huge money to work with, and here you have direct access to her, to get her help and her feedback.  It’s priceless.  

And once you have this information, you have it forever. In this business, in the next… This is a foundational skill that you’ll have and use in everything you do for your business.  Classes on Facebook, and these traffic things, they’re the current fad, and what you learn gets irrelevant really fast.  PR, and talking about your brand and messages in the way Melanie teaches, will help you get customers and credibility, and grow your business. You need this class!"


Practical and Easy-to-Follow Approaches

"Like all solopreneurs, I face challenges with marketing. One of the reasons I enjoy working with Melanie is because she sees the big picture along with small one. She also teaches practical and easy-to-follow approaches to branding and PR strategies. I think of Melanie as the go-to person for brand development, and I highly recommend working with her!"

 Alicia Favreau

Spa Owner, Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist 


She Saw Things in my Business I Didn't Know Were There

"Before I started working with Melanie, I thought I knew what I needed to do to grow my business because I've taken other classes. But I was all over the map. Melanie knew how to put it all together in a way that really made sense to me. She saw things in my business I didn't know were there, that I had never taken into consideration.

After working with Melanie, I have a whole new perspective and understanding of marketing, how the media works, and developing my brand. Not only in my own business, but in what I pick up on in other businesses. Now my efforts are focused, I know how to present myself to my customers, and how to narrow down what I need to focus on.

She's an awesome coach and teacher, and went above and beyond what I expected. She's passionate, friendly, motivating, and inspiring, and really breaks down information so you can completely understand things. I highly recommend everyone to take her classes.

In The Publicity Workshop,
You'll Learn:

How, and Why, you (specifically YOU!) are valuable to the press (most people overlook the very things that make them valuable to reporters).

How to know who to pitch, when to pitch, and what to say -- and how to position yourself so reporters seek YOU out when they need an expert.

How to prep for interviews, and maximize your publicity for YEARS after it comes out, and keep the momentum going.

and, the Publicity Workshop will...

  • check
    Save you $5K/month or more because you won't have to hire a PR firm
  • check
    Grow and Transform your Business, and get you Access to a Whole new Audience
  • check
    Teach you the Proven System for getting local, national, international press, in some cases, in as fast as a few weeks - and how to Keep it Coming

Is The Publicity Workshop Right for You?

This is for you if:

  • You're an entrepreneur, expert, author, or small business owner who wants to get known, and build credibility, authority, and trust through free publicity.
  • You have a passion for what you do and want to share it with the world.
  • The thought of being quoted, profiled, or featured in the media is exciting to you.
  • You're willing to spend at least 2 hours/week watching the course videos and completing assignments. (Once the class is over, you can spend as little as 15 minutes a week continuing your PR plan).

This is NOT for you if?

  • You're looking only for product reviews. This will be covered briefly in the class, but the focus of this course is to build your brand's authority, credibility, and trust.
  • You don't have time to be interviewed by journalists.
  • You expect national TV coverage, like a guest spot on Oprah, with your first pitch.  Althought I won't say it never happens, the majority of people  need to work up to that type of media placement. 
  • You are already getting 1-2 high profile media placements/month.

and there are bonuses...

Free Bonus Lesson: Pitching Live Events 

If you run live events, or plan to, this PR Guide will give you ideas on how to get media coverage -- including live TV or radio. It includes an event timeline for media activities, what to do the day of the event, a media advisory template for live events and photo/TV opportunities, and instructions on how to get your news into the Associated Press Daybook.


Free Bonus Lesson: Twitter Training 

The media's go-to social media platform? It's Twitter! Get access to a special 1 hour, actionable training with Social Quant CEO Mike Kawala, on how to perfect your profile page, quickly grow your Twitter following, and maximize profits for selling your products or services on Twitter. (This is the training I took to quickly build my following to over 10,000 engaged followers.)


Free Bonus Lesson: Erasing Fear

Don't let fear keep you from being seen and heard.  In this 2-part audio training, David Breslow shows you a 3-step process on how to erase your fear. David is well-known in the sports world as a performance coach and professional speaker, and has appeared on over 130 TV/radio networks, including ESPN and WGN, and was the 'Director of Mental Toughness' for the USTA National Tennis Center and National Junior Reebok programs.  

Registration Closes Soon!


Ready to Get Known?

Sign up now. Space is limited.

Class Starts on October 2!

The Publicity Workshop


Get access to all 8 modules, the worksheets, templates, and cheatsheets, the Bonuses, and the secret Publicity Workshop Facebook community where you can get help and feedback from others in the class (does not include access to live, group coaching calls)

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    Lifetime access to the full Publicity Workshop course + all future updates
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    Access to the Secret Facebook Community
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    All worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, and checklists
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    All Bonus Lessons
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    Bi-weekly, live, group coaching calls/videos (replays available) and Office Hours
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    Unlimited, direct email access to Melanie to ask questions for 6 full months**
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    Access to all recorded group coaching calls from the past year
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    Bi-weekly, 1-1 phone/video calls to check progress, review/edit work, or brainstorm ideas for 6 months


*Most Popular*


Everything from Basic, plus live, group coaching sessions each week with me to ask questions, get clarification, and  learn extra tips and tricks, PLUS unlimited email access to me for 6 months

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    Lifetime access to the full Publicity Workshop course + all future updates
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    Access to the Secret Facebook Community
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    All worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, and checklists
  • check
    All Bonus Lessons
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    Bi-weekly, live, group coaching calls/videos (replays available) and Office Hours
  • check
    Unlimited, direct email access to Melanie to ask questions for 6 full months**
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    Access to all recorded group coaching calls from the past year
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    Bi-weekly, 1-1 phone/video calls to check progress, review/edit work, or brainstorm ideas for 6 months



Everything from Group Coaching + AND a weekly, 1-1 phone or video call (your choice) to check progress, review written work,  or brainstorm ideas for 6 months (26 hours). Only a few spots available.

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    Lifetime access to the full Publicity Workshop course + all future updates
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    Access to the Secret Facebook Community
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    All worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, and checklists
  • check
    All Bonus Lessons
  • check
    Bi-weekly, live, group coaching calls/videos (replays available) and Office Hours
  • check
    Unlimited, direct email access to Melanie to ask questions for 6 full months**
  • check
    Access to all recorded group coaching calls from the past year
  • check
    Bi-weekly, 1-1 phone/video calls to check progress, review/edit work, or brainstorm ideas for 6 months


**Unlimited email access is considered 'reasonable' email access. No one has ever abused this option, and I know you won't either.


What if I don't have anything newsworthy to share?

Don't I need a lot of connections to get featured in the media?

My business is new. Will this still work?

Do I have to be a great writer?

Is the unlimited, direct email access to you really unlimited?

I work in marketing, and want to learn PR. Can I use this with my clients?

How to the bi-weekly group coaching calls and office hours work?

Is there a guarantee?

How much time will this take?

Can you tell me more about the bi-weekly 1-1 calls in the VIP Package?

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