The Publicity Workshop, online course and group coaching

Do you ever see someone being interviewed on TV or profiled in a magazine and think, “That should be me!” or “I could have done that!” Are you ready to enjoy the credibility and status that only comes with being featured in the press? To grow your business and make more sales (without having to be sales-y)? The Publicity Workshop is an online, group coaching course for entrepreneurs, authors, and small business owners -- experts like you (even those who are just starting out) -- who want to get more exposure, build credibility and social proof, and boost leads and sales with free publicity. You'll learn how to recognize your own news value, and how to get noticed by the press, so you can catapult your brand into the world.

Power Half-Hour Consulting Call


Have a quick public relations question? Or want expert advice on brand direction/product launch/story ideas/media interview prep, or blog/social media content?

Need insightful direction on how to get better results with your current publicity or brand promotion efforts? Questions about which media to target, or how to find their contact information?

These quick coaching calls are great for tackling a specific problem.  After our session, if you choose to work with me on a larger project, I'll apply the cost of the session towards it.

"Get Started" Strategy Sessions

$500/90 minutes

You choose a targeted goal that you’d like to meet or a problem/ challenge you’d like help with, regarding PR/publicity, brand development, messaging, owned media (blog/social/email), media training, or any other related business or marketing goal, and we’ll figure out what's working, what’s holding you back, and the actions you need to take to move forward and reach your goals. Topics might include:

  • Uncover core messages and clarify your brand
  • Brainstorm content ideas for blogs/social media
  • Develop  pitches for the media
  • Reinvent  your brand
  • Create story ideas to pitch bylined articles
  • Discover new target markets for your marketing efforts
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You'll leave our session with a recording of our call/video call, so you can review it any time you like, as well as a written, immediate-action plan and ideas to meet your goal.  

***These are focused strategy sessions, and not a complete Brand or PR Plan. Click here for a complete Brand Foundation Plan or a 1:1 PR Planning Workshop.

Speaking/Presentation Reviews

$340 per presentation, up to 40 minutes, ($50/additional 10 minute increments)

Need professional feedback on your speaking engagements? Get an analysis of your pre-recorded presentation or speech, detailed in a time-stamped document​.

​Get actionable advice (less of the ‘slow your pace, stand up straight-type’ advice that you can critique yourself; more feedback on your big idea, structure, and refining the flow and impact of your presentation, and pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, including practical advice you can implement right away).

​Then we'll follow up with a phone call or video conference to review the advice and you can ask any questions you might have.

PR Staff Training (currently no spots remaining):

$10k/6 months

This program is for small business owners or start-ups who aren't yet ready to retain a PR agency, but want an experienced PR mentor for themselves, or junior staff,  marketers who have been tasked with PR and need to fast-track the learning curve, or solo authors/speakers/experts who are self-promoting and want a mentor to guide them through the public relations process. You'll have instant access to The Publicity Workshop, which is a complete publicity training program,  including how to conduct research, set goals and objectives, uncover potential news stories and your brand's unique angles, understand how the press works, create press lists, write press materials, pitch the press, and developing long term PR plans.  

You'll also have direct access to me in an advisory role to guide the learning process, without having the added expense of a full-time, senior staff member or an expensive PR agency (but you'll be knowledgeable and prepared to work with one when you're ready .  Take advantage of my experience starting PR departments from the ground up, and training dozens of new PR pros who've enjoyed great success. 

  • Includes access to The Publicity Workshop for your team
  • 6 hours/month for strategy/consult/planning calls to use for questions or guidance, or written materials review/edits
  • Reasonable email support for quick questions (no one has ever abused this privilege)
  • You'll be held accountable with action items, with encouragement and guidance

To inquire about this program and schedule a free consultation, email me at